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IHE Profiles Recognised by the European Commission for Procurement

posted Sep 17, 2015, 1:16 AM by Pieter Devolder
The European Commission stated that the 27 IHE Profiles have the potential to increase interoperability of eHealth services and applications to the benefit of patients and the medical community leading to their recognition in referencing in public procurement throughout the European Union.

Details of the announcement in the Official Journal of the European Union can be found here.

IHE has been developing detailed specifications over the last 15 years in the field of healthcare IT and the committees of IHE optimise the selection of well-established standards describing the different layers of interoperability – e.g. protocol communication, technical, semantic, syntactical – with a view to defining interoperability solutions for exchanging or sharing medical data. 
This was fully recognised by the European Commission in coming to their decision.

The Europe 2020 strategy for “Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” requires standardisation as a support role and recognises the specificity of the ICT standards where ICT solutions, applications and services are developed by global ICT fora and consortia that emerge as leading standards development organisations - such as IHE.